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FujiFilm QuickGene-810
Nucleic Acid Isolation System
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FujiFilm QuickGene-810
DNA and RNA extraction with a revolutionary 80m membrane film.

QuickGene-810 rapidly isolates DNA/RNA from varied samples with high quality and high yield. An automated system with isolation kits for reliable results.

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The system features FujiFilm's revolutionary porous membrane facilitating easy DNA/RNA extraction. High purity and yield is achieved without centrifugation. Fast processing time is coupled with simple operation and automated processes reduce risk of contamination.

Compact Design - Small and self-contained QuickGene-810 takes up minimal space on the lab bench.

Easy and Reliable - Intelligent QuickGene-810 handles samples automatically and extracts DNA or RNA.

Rapid Processing - FujiFilm's patented porous membrane makes it possible (for example) to extract DNA from eight sets of whole blood samples simultaneously in only six minutes.

Sample Isolation Kits - Fujifilm provides several kits for extracting DNA from whole blood and tissue samples and RNA from cultured cells, tissue samples and blood cells.

Fujifilm's revolutionary porous membrane (Scanning electron microscope photos)More info
The system uses a porous, highly adsorptive membrane developed through application of Fujifilm's advanced polymer membrane production technology. It is only 80m thick, making it significantly thinner than conventional glass fibres. QuickGene-810's ultra thin membrane alleviates the risk of contamination from residue in the membrane.

High purity and yield without centrifugation
Three pressurizing stages -binding, washing and elution-occur automatically in the unit.Because of the outstanding adsorptive and desorptive properties of the membrane, high-purity nucleic acid can be obtained easily at low pressure without any complex processes such as centrifugation.More info

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High purity
There are almost no impurities in extracted genomic DNA and total RNA. The absence of impurities such as proteins and chaotropic salts means that the isolated products can be used directly in PCR and RT-PCR.
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High Yield
High yields of genomic DNA can be extracted from whole blood and total RNA from cultured cells without any need to use hazardous organic solvents.
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DNA extraction yield DNA compared with competitors
Yield of genomic DNA extracted from 200 L of whole blood (average of ten specimens)

Automated steps - Sample binding, washing and elution
Throughput - 1 to 8 samples per run
Display - LCD (16 characters x 1 line
Physical specifications
Five orders of magnitude
Isolation kits
Up to 230x250mm
Isolation models (default)
830(w) x 450(d) x 590(h) mm

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