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FujiFilm LAS-1000 Cooled CCD Camera
Gel Documentation System
Superseded by the LAS-3000/LAS-4000. No longer sold
FujiFilm FLA-5100
A gel documentation system with high sensitivity for chemiluminescent western blot imaging together with fluorescent imaging with blue LED illuminators. Features remote auto focusing and white light EPI and transilluminators. Superseded by the LAS-3000More info


This system is especially suitable for Western blotting analysis. The high sensitive chemiluminescent detection system is designed to replace x-ray film. A blue LED and optional UV excitation light sources enables this system to capture various fluorescent images, including fluorescent Western blotting.

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High Sensitivity 1.3M Pixel CCD - This highly sensitive camera can handle continuous exposures up to a full hour. Each CCD element of the 1" CCD chip is covered with a micro lens to increase the light gathering power. The CCD is cooled with a two stage, forced air Peltier cooling device. In addition is boasts one of the highest quantitation performances on the market - 4 orders of magnitude linearity and 16,384 gradations (14 bits). Together with one of the indusry's brightest lenses (F0.85) this system is sensitive enough to replace conventional film.

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Self Contained Darkroom Cabinet - Images are captures in an ordinary laboratory environment in the LAS1000 intelligent darkbox. This darkroom cabinet contains the entire camera system, sample tray and illuminators in a convenient, small footprint unit. The LAS1000plus option provides an auto-focus system to further automate the exposure of different sample sizes at different ranges from the camera lens.

Both analog and digital circuits feature high precision and low noise for reduced read-out noise. The wide dynamic range capability and the large pixels of the CCD chip enhance the linear relationship between the incident rays and the generated electric charge, for increased linear dynamic range.

CCD chip
1" CCD chip with on-chip micro lenses
Number of pixels
1.3 million (1,384 H x 922 V)
Pixel size
Cooling method
Peltier with forced-air cooling
Cooling temperature
Down to -30C
Dark current
Less than 0.01e-/pixel sec
Exposure time
10msec to 1h/bulb
pBR328 dot, 10fg within 2 min. exposure with URF20L lens
Dynamic range
4 orders of magnitude
14 bits (16,384) Image size: 2.5 MB
Maximum sample size
25 x 25 cm

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