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FLA-5100 SCSI Controller and Image Reader

Hardware Interface Microcomputer
No longer is the FLA-5100 restricted to being controlled by unsupported Windows XP. With this microcomputer and SCSI controller the FLA-5100 (or FLA-5000) can be controlled with a new software package running on a Linux operating system with shared folders or drives being easily and securely networked with Windows and Mac operating systems.

The controller can be mounted to the unused laser expansion port on the lower right hand side of the scanner behind the power inlet. A keyboard and mouse can be connected to two of the 4 available USB ports and a monitor connected to the HDMI output (an SVGA monitor can be connected using an adapter cable). The microcomputer can be networked using the RJ45 port or with WiFi. Image scans can then be scanned directly to a mounted network drive or locally to a networked shared folder. Files can also be transferred to a local USB memory storage.



Image Reading Software
The new image reading software has a streamlined user interface while retaining a very similar look and feel to the previous version, so there is very little new to learn. The design is intended to be intuitive to use for users that are already familiar with earlier versions on both Windows and Mac OS.

Service Tools (BAtool)
For service and maintenance the scanner can be controlled manually with errors quickly and efficiently being diagnosed and repaired. This control was previously very difficult to achieve using software which was only functioning on a Windows 2000 or MAC OS. Now this software control is available in this new interface allowing authorised users and service technicians access to this easy to use tools package.

Near-Infrared Laser Expansion
This new controller facilitates the installation of additional lasers in addition to any lasers currently installed. We currently have two NIR lasers available with wavelengths of 685nm and 785nm which cover the nominal excitation bands of 700nm and 800nm.

This retro fitting of NIR lasers make this a comparable instrument to the current GE Healthcare Amersham Typhoon range of scanners which share the same mechanical and optical system as the FLA-5000/5100, but of course at a fraction of the cost!

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