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FujiFilm FLA-5100 Fluorescent Image Analyser
FujiFilm FLA-5100
The FLA-5100 imaging system allows imaging of fluorescent and radioisotopic samples as large as 40 x 46cm at pixel size as low as 10 microns. This system is especially suitable for protein electrophoresis in the proteomics field and general array analysis for genomics.More info


This system is especially suitable for use in the proteomics field because both the fluorescent imaging of SYPRO Dye stained 2D gel and digitizing of CBB or silver stained 2D gel can be performed.

Advanced fluorescent and radiosotopic detection for protein electrophoresis and general array analysis.

Large scanning size (up to 40 x 46cm) with selectable scanning area is especially suitable for large size 2D protein electrophoresis gel analysis. Available imaging plates (IPs) include: 1 x (3543 MS IP), 2 x (2340, 2325 MS IP) and 2 x (2040, 2025 MS, SR, ND, TR IP).

Scanning pixel sizes are user-selectable at 10, 25, 50, 100 or 200-micron pixels depending on specific application requirements.

FLA-5100 can be installed with up to 4 lasers.Multiple lasers add imaging applications. The FLA-5100 includes three standard lasers: SHG blue laser (473nm), SHG green laser (532nm) and LD red laser (635nm). Another LD laser for far-red (670nm) may be added internally as an option. A port is available for an additional laser instead of the fourth internal laser to be connected externally in the future.

The versatility of multi-format detection allows many sampling opportunities with a single sampling tool. Radioisotope by IP method: IP-S (standard mode for RI detection) generates logarithmic converted values in PSL units. IP-V (variable mode) can change the high voltage of the photomultiplier tube (PMT), which enables X-ray diffraction study, non- destructive testing and other IP detection studies. Fluorescence by laser scanning and PMT: Image reader software controls repetitive scanning of the sample by different laser and emission filters. When added with the second channel PMT, a laser and dual emission filter mode can be enabled. Chemiluminescence by direct detection: Chemiluminescence can be detected. Digitizing Function by Epi-illumination with fluorescent screen: Applicable for transparent gels with sliver stain, CBB stain, NBT stain and others.

Nuclides for RI Image Detection
3H, 14C, 32P, 33P, 35>S, 125I, Neutron, etc.
Representative Fluorescent Dyes
473nm Laser
SYPRO® Orange, SYPRO® Ruby, SYBR® Green I, FITC
532nm Laser
Cy™3, Rhodamine, SYPRO® Red
635nm Laser
670nm Laser
Alexa Fluor®680, CBB
685nm Laser
(Upgrade option)
785nm Laser
(Upgrade option)
Dynamic Range
Five orders of magnitude
Scanning resolution
Down to 25µm absolute, 10µm enhanced
Scanning area
Up to 400x460mm
Filter module
User exchangeable up to 4 filters, 2 channels per filter
Number of simultaneous detection channels
2, with photomultipliers individually selected for optimum spectral detection range
900(w) x 840(d) x 400(h) mm
approx. 110kg

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