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FujiFilm FLA-2000 Fluorescent Image Analyser
Superseded by the FLA-3000. No longer sold
FujiFilm FLA-2000
A fluorescent imager and image plate reader for quantitative radioisotope imaging. This fluoresence scanner can read with up 3 visible wavelength lasers with high resolution and high prescision.

Superseded by the FLA-3000 and FLA-5000/FLA-5100 which offer better performance at the same price

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Advanced fluorescent and radiosotopic detection for protein electrophoresis and general array analysis.

A blue (473nm) solid state laser is suitable for such fluorophores as SYPRO ruby, EtBr, Cy2, SYBR green to name just a few. The red 633nm laser for fluorophores such as Cy5. The instrument can also image radioisotopes such as 32P, 33P, 35S and 3H using Imaging Plates up to 20x40cm.

Large scanning size (up to 20x40cm) with selectable scanning area is especially suitable for 2D protein electrophoresis gel analysis. Available imaging plates (IPs) include: 2040, 2025 MS, SR, ND and TR.

Scanning pixel sizes are user-selectable at 50, 100 or 200-micron pixels depending on specific application requirements.

The FLA-2000 is installed with 2 lasers:- SHG blue laser (473nm), and HeNe red laser (633nm).

The versatility of multi-format detection allows many sampling opportunities with a single sampling tool. The radioisotope mode generates logarithmic converted values in PSL units which enables X-ray diffraction study, non- destructive testing and other IP detection studies. Fluorescence by laser scanning covers many applications with high sensitivity.

Nuclides for RI Image Detection
3H, 14C, 32P, 33P, 35>S, 125I, Neutron, etc.
Representative Fluorescent Dyes
473nm Laser
SYPRO® Orange, SYPRO® Ruby, SYBR® Green I, FITC
633nm Laser
Cy™5, SYPRO® Red, Texas Red, DDAO-Phosphate
Dynamic Range
Five orders of magnitude
Scanning resolution
Down to 50 µm absolute
Scanning area
Up to 200x400mm
Filter module
Built-in auto-selection filter wheel
1200(w) x 640(d) x 400(h) mm
approx. 110kg

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