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FLA-5100 and FLA-5000 Near Infra Red Laser Upgrades


FLA-5100 and FLA-5000 Design
These FLA-5100 and FLA-5000 instruments are actually identical instruments other than having different panel colours. Originally the FLA-5000 underwent some optical and firmware upgrades, and all existing installations were upgraded with these options after which the model and colour scheme was changed to reflect these changes in the factory produced instruments.

Subsequent instruments produced by FujiFilm with the model names Starion® FLA-9000 and under the GE badge called the Typhoon FLA-9000, FLA-9500 and currently the Amersham Typhoon®, all share the same mechanical and optical construction. Apart from a USB interface and new covers, the only other significant differences relate to additional NIR laser options. The existing visible lasers have a different specification essentially due to the some older components becoming obsolete or newer designs being simpler to produce. The performance remains essentially unchanged.



Original Laser Options
The original laser options enabled excitation wavelengths of 473nm, 532nm, 635nm and 670nm. These provides an excellent broad range for visible fluorescence excitation dyes.

New SCSI Interface and Controller
The new Raytek SCSI controller released in 2019 operates the scanner from a new Linux based operating system. This enables new bespoke features to be added to the scanner and controlled through the new user interface.

Near-Infrared Laser Expansion
The FLA-5100 has sufficient expansion space to add at least two additional laser diode modules. We currently have two NIR lasers available with wavelengths of 685nm and 785nm which cover NIR dyes which have emission wavelengths in the regions of 700nm and 800nm.

This retro fitting of NIR lasers make this a comparable instrument to the current GE Healthcare Amersham Typhoon® NIR range of scanners which share the same mechanical and optical system as the FLA-5000 and FLA-5100, but of course at a fraction of the cost.

This can also be considered as an excellent alternative to the LiCor Odyssey® CLx


FLA-5100 685nm Laser Scan with 700nm Emission Dye


FLA-5100 785nm Laser Scan with 800nm Emission Dye

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