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New Image Reader Controller Software For FujiFilm FLA-5100, FLA3000, BAS-1800II


For the FujiFilm range of FLA and BAS scanners we can now offer an upgrade so that the systems are no longer tied to the last Windows XP Image Reader version provided by FujiFilm. This is the one and only solution for upgrading these systems.

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FujiFilm / GE HealthCare LAS-3000 LAS-4000 Camera Repair

We have the in-house facility to repair and refurbish FujiFilm LAS-3000 and LAS-4000 camera heads with a quick turnaround time, at an extremely affordable price together with a 12 month warranty. Common faults include inadequate cooling and blank images. Our repair facility extends to the ImageQuant Camera systems which are based upon the LAS-4000 camera format.


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Worldwide Support for all FujiFilm FLA/BAS Image Readers and LAS Camera Imaging Systems
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FLA5100 LAS4000

Support for all the FLA systems (FLA-7000, FLA-5100, FLA-3000) and BAS IP readers (BAS-1500, BAS-1800II, BAS-2500, BAS-5000) plus the LAS Camera Gel Doc Systems (LAS-1000, LAS-3000, LAS-4000) including on-site servicing, remote service and repair guides, software and manual downloads.
FLA-5100 Near Infrared Laser Upgrades

Two laser upgrade options are now available for fluorescent NIR dyes with emission wavelengths in the region of 700nm and 800nm.

This upgrade gives the FLA-5100 a comparable specification to the current Amersham Typhoon from GE Healthcare.

The configuration is a strong competitive alternative to the LiCor CLx.


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